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Sayoc Kali Adult Program

Sayoc Kali is a Filipino system named after the family who developed their blend of edged weapon martial arts. It was recently featured in the film The HUNTED. The word, “Sayoc” is but *ONE* family’s art represented in the Filipino Martial Arts. Filipino Martial Arts has many systems and the original instructors’ last names often precedes one of three root terms, “Kali”, “Eskrima” or “Arnis”. The makeup of Sayoc Kali students run the gamut of civilians interested in weapon awareness and protection, to Special Forces practicing CQB tactics, to Federal Air Marshalls and Law Enforcement. The curriculum covers everything from weapons retention under all kinds of adverse situations, to protecting and shielding the body against potential lethal knife attacks, to recognizing possible hostile situations. The head of the Sayoc Kali system is Pamana Tuhon Chistopher C. Sayoc Sr. Many of the full instructors under Sayoc Kali are current or retired law enforcement officers. Others have worked security. They teach real world application against the hostile world of knife attacks. Sayoc Kali stresses the importance of responsibility for one’s actions, and informing the public of the dangers of edged weapons

Warriors Way Martial Arts International classes


Warriors Way Martial Arts Adult Program

Warrior’s Way adult program is designed help each student become a well rounded martial artist by exposing them to different styles, ranges and techniques. Top notch Instructors, progressive curriculums and a wide diversity of training topics add to the overall experience of each student, making classes fun and educational all while getting a great workout! Blending Bruce Lee’s Jeet Kune Do, Jun Fan Kickboxing, Muay Thai Kickboxing, the Filipino Martial Arts of Guro Dan Inosanto and Maphilindo Silat provide the student with a diverse series of training opportunities! From striking to locking, from throws to weapons, If you are looking to be a well rounded Martial Artist then this is the program for you!

Atienza Kali classes


 Atienza Kali Adult Program

Atienza Kali is a Filipino weapons-based system conceptualized here in the States vs. at home on the island. Kali was taught to the Atienza Tuhons (Allain, Carl, & Darryl) by their father (Edgar “Butch” Atienza) and largely focused on multi-opponent combat; how to fight a group and how to fight in a group were some principle concepts.
Many of the differences in this system are truly seen during the transfer of knowledge. Where many traditional drills repeat with no end, AK teaches the students how to evolve their movement, many times injecting the knowledge without the students even knowing that the transfer of knowledge is being communicated. AK uses systems such as Targeting Chains and Evolutions. Targeting Chains allow student to correctly identify proper targets on the body. Repetition of this helps with muscle memory and action to turn into reaction. Once established the TC’s are then practiced in motion; this helps the student apply the movements in coordination with the blade further enhanced by performing with footwork in an hourglass formation. All of this is practiced prior to a two man evolution where the particular TC is broken down between two people. Evolutions are based off of specific fighter types. This enables a student to feel how an exchange can take place. There are multiple evolutions all with a specific purpose during a student’s course of study. Through out the course of study students will learn Mass Attack Strategies, Projectiles, Force Anchor Strategy, and Fighter types. This heavily influenced system pays tribute to those who have fought many battles.

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